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Circuit & TRX

Variety of LevelS

The mix of classes is the special sauce. The schedule is packed with different class options to fuel your motivation. Dial the challenge up or bring it back to basics, classes have multiple levels, here is how that breaks out.

Align- Focused on building the primary movements, exercises & body awareness with classes that have a slow to moderate pace.

Thrive- Focused on progression & building upon the essentials to increase overall strength, movement & endurance.

Challenge - Quicker paced classes ideal for the experienced where technique is combined with pace to maximize results. 


Class Descriptions



Targeting those hard to engage core muscles to develop a stronger body. This class will challenge your core and stability by incorporating props such as balls, foam rollers and disks.

Levels: Align, Thrive & Challenge


Tone and sculpt your arms, legs and back by incorporating small weights and bands combined with traditional Pilates exercises. Being rooted in traditional Pilates, this class will also strengthen your core.

Levels: Thrive & Challenge


Deepen the breath, stretch & strengthen in our Yoga classes. You will discover how to move your body safely in and out of poses and how to connect your breath with your body. The slower paced align classes focused on fundamentals while the thrive & challenge classes will naturally increase in difficulty & pace, with variations available to get you through those poses that don't come naturally.   

Levels: Align, Thrive & Challenge


Circuit & TRX

Circuit - Sweat & Sculpt

Taking some of the best of what Motiv has to offer and packing it into one class. Combining Cardio, TRX & Reformer into a high-energy & low impact workout that is sure get you sweating and sculpt your body. Indoor shoes are optional.

Levels: Thrive & Challenge


This class will combine traditional TRX and Pilates to create a class that builds core strength, builds muscle tone and endurance. By using the added elements of bodyweight & gravity the class will go farther in developing core stability, muscle tone and flexibility. This class can accommodate a variety of skill levels from beginner to advanced.

Levels: Thrive & Challenge


This unique Pilates work out using Reformer machines adds resistance training to the fundamentals of Pilates. This class will help give you long lean muscles as the exercises strengthen, tone and stretch your entire body. Experience with Reformer is recommended for Thrive & Challenge classes. 

Levels: Align, Thrive & Challenge