Privates &

There's nothing better than getting a personal touch. Privates & Semi-privates is a great way to elevate your game. Whether you are looking to for on specifics due to an injury or just looking to get the most out of your time, Motiv Privates & Semi-Privates are worth it!


A little help goes a long way....

NEW!  Get one Private Session a month for $45 . Ideal for a regular tuneup or keeping yourself on track. Available to Unlimited Members only, minimum 4 month commitment. 


Personal Attention

Your time is valuable and if you find that classes aren't getting you what you want, having the personal attention of a Private or Semi-Private will do the trick. They are ideal if you are looking to strengthen, tone, lose weight or simply tailor your workout.


Injuries & chronic pain can really mess with your body.  Pilates lets you fight back. Don't wait for your body to recover, take control of your rehab by applying Pilates. Strengthening the core is first step to owning your body. 

Extended Health Coverage

Get private physio pilates covered by your extended health. 
Many employer benefits cover Physiotherapy, Motiv is teaming up with registered Physio Therapist Will Guan to deliver pilates focused on your spine health. Ask us how you could use your coverage towards making your back stronger. Best part yet, it's covered by your extended health insurance.




Single Privates


5 Privates


10 Privates

$ 770

Semi-Private options are available and dependent on the number of participants.