Reformer Classes

This unique Pilates work out using Reformer machines adds resistance training to the fundamentals of Pilates. This class will help give you long lean muscles as the exercises strengthen, tone and stretch your entire body. Experience with Reformer is recommended for Thrive & Challenge classes. 

*10 Day trial memberships include 1 Reformer Align class


10 days for $20

It’s simple…

1.     Select a class in our amazing schedule & click the Book button (Reformer Classes not included)

2.    Create a New Account

3. Select “Trial - 10 day Unlimited - Pilates, TRX & Barre”

Viola....a 10 Days for $20!

*10 Day trial memberships include 1 Reformer Align class


Reformer Pilates

The Reformer studio has 8 machines that overlook Danforth Ave. Spacious yet intimate, our instructors are able to lead the class while providing personal attention when needed to make sure get the results  you are looking for. 


Heart of East York

Our studio is an amazingly bright space lined with huge windows. This contemporary space just East of Jones on the second floor at 842 Danforth Ave, ideally situated with plenty of parking close by. 


Pilates at the Core

All of the classes at Motiv incorporate aspects of Pilates. The Pilates classes focus get down to business while the other Barre, TRX, Cardio & Yoga classes we use Pilates as a secret weapon to elevate all the other classes as we believe a strong core is essential for a strong body.